Digital Solutions

ABG Digital Solutions provides digital marketing solutions for Acadiana businesses of any size.

Interactive Website Elements


Feature Pages

Interactive Promotions




Location Based Advertising

The Right Consumer – The Right Place – The Right Time

A radius around an advertiser’s address

A radius around any other address such as a competitor or large building or event

Zip codes


Search Engine Optimization

Potential consumers judge a business on their digital presence.  It’s their first impression of you.

BLUF, Google is the #1 resource potential customers use for business searches.

The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing.



Search Engine Marketing

SEM is technical marketing that aims to increase a website’s visibility on Google and other search engines.

Google AdWords accounts for around 90% of PPC ad dollars

An SEM campaign delivers highly targeted dynamic ad units on Google’s Search Network or Display networks.




Social Media Management

Most small businesses have a social media presence.

Consumers spend tremendous amounts of time on their devices accessing social media sites.

Create a marketing strategy and perform research on latest trends in industries then create content/posts for distribution.




YouTube Advertising

Utilize targeted YouTube advertising in demographics, geotargets, languages, topics of your choosing.

Pricing is based on CPV (Cost Per View) and CPC, both categorized as interactions.

Client sets the daily budget and how long they want the campaign to run for.



Content Creation

New Content generation on your website like a weekly blog post.

We conduct market research and gather data from the traffic to your site to tailor blog posts.

Publish during peak hours of user traffic often in conjunction with link backs to the post on your social media platforms.




Custom Website + Mobile Design + Hosting

In today’s digital age, a website is your main platform to interact with potential clients.

– Develop site into a fully responsive and mobile interface

– Migrating onto the custom WordPress installation

– Hosting capability